Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sincere, ainku.


Im not really 'into' to write this entry. But i have to. It's getting stuck inside me. Let me clear things up what is all about to be me. Im the type of person, who likes to talk things a lot and as far as i know, i love chit chat with my friends. Im trying so hard to be nice to everyone. Im not pretending, tp i want people to like me. Im not saying that im a good friend but indeed im trying the best to be a good friend. The thing is just i dont know what is wrong, where is wrong. I dont like silence war. Seriously. I know my words are sometimes too harsh but i will said it personally to that particular person. 

Please la kawan, dont do this to me. What is wrong with you? Im really sorry if i ever hurt any of you people with my words. Do treat me the way i treat you guys, please do. Because i always keep things to myself that sometimes it hurts a lot. If i cant take it, i will tell you but if things still the same and you choose not to change anything, i'will definately back off. I wont say anything anymore but i just cant help if im being awkword to you.

p/s: I got so boring with this so-called-friendship-crisis. Please be nice to everyone. Do tell them if there is something wrong. Dont let them think and salahkan diri sje. Sebarang salah faham, mesti ade sebab dan alasannya. Just sometimes try to put yourself in others shoe and try to figure how it feels to be treated like that way. Kalau aku yg salah, aku minta maaf.  That's all i gotta say for now. Till then my dear, salam.

-cepat la jumaat, 23:16 pm-

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