Tuesday, May 1, 2012

there's a reason for me to smile


So, where should i start? It has been an age i didn't updating my blog, its not because of my laziness but the time constraint, it was so limited. Very tired of everyday classes with many assignments queuing in to be completed. Luckily it's all done now, phew ! And today gonna be a good day since it's Labour day kan. So relex sje. And also the reason aku pecahkan rekod bpe lama tak update blog nih. hahaha!

Love is weird, and odd, actually. But deep inside, I'm sure of an idea, that I've known a love so eternal I can't let it go, yet again, it's just an idea.

 I love you for the thousand years !

This is could be my eternal love forever !

P/s : Im so glad the life am live in now. Full with awesome friends, a great boyfriend ever, the degree still on track, and of course family members yang sentiasa menyokong! Dh mcm tulis penghargaan plk ye, hahaha!
Till then my dear, salam.

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