Monday, October 29, 2012

lupa letak title...... pfft

I know it has been soooooo long since the last time I blog. I truly miss blogging, really. What do i missed???  5 months since my last post. (Alaa last post on 1st October tu kn mcm hidup segan, mati tak mahu je) I told ya! I would not be so keen to update every single bit of my life piece on this very own page. Well, life is sooooo unpredictable. Now it's November rush!!! Time running sooo fast......

Takde apapun nak update nie. To those who is still reading my entries (seriously =.='' ???), I'm so sorry that I didn't put much effort to keep this blog alive. As well as myself. -.-"

please meet my happiness, Amalin Aisya.

p/s: First time jmp baby masa breakfast dgn syg kt kedai makan ibu Amalin. Hati tros terpanggil utk dukung die. Sangat-sangat berkenan dgn baby yg pipi bertelur mcm gni. Bau die wangi sgt, bau baby kan?. Mase tu die kecik lg. Bbrp bulan kemudian, tros nk dtg dan nk dtg lg jmp baby. Sanggup tgu 2 jam semata-mata nk tgu baby bangun tdo. Mama and papa love you so much <3 Till then my dear. Assalamualaikum.

-Exam fever, ainku-

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